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[2015-6-8]Look at the current development of Chinese forging industry by large f

2015 will be half in the past, China forging market appear calm, but system. Auto parts exports continue to active; China's high-speed rail to go global, related forging huge business opportunities; …

[2015-6-8]Die steel consumption is the largest in China for seven years

At present, the rapid development of the mould industry in China is rapid, the mould steel quantity, quality, variety, specifications, performance, etc. Put forward higher requirements. In recent yea…

[2015-6-8]Forging industry will usher in "made in China 2025" tremendous opportu

Hosted by the people's government of jiahe, jiahe metal forging association to undertake, jiahe economic and information bureau co-sponsored the 18th of the national association of forging (pressure)…

[2015-6-8]Auto parts company: financing to promote upgrade

With constantly bullish stock market, the auto parts also ushered in the financing of listed companies intensive period. Many companies choose to issue shares to finance to support the enterprises st…

[2015-6-8]"Made in China 2025" by the who to do?

If you don't have jobs and that a group of engineers behind him, there will be no make numerous handsome young girl obsessed with apple. 2025 "it is not hard to imagine that" made in China need a lar…